My Very Public, Private Book

My Very Public, Private Book

My Little Wonders

My Little Wonders

My little wonders
How I wonder
How lovely you’ll be
When you grow

Tiny seeds
Tucked lovingly
In systematic

I anticipate
As I wait
You will come
In July

In my slumber
Dreams of green
Reaching to the

Though inside
With sunlight
You will surely come

Where are you
Little wonders?
I wonder
By the end of June

Are you hiding?
Are you coming?
You will have your
Very own pot

Did I water too much?
Maybe too little?
Impossible to have
Root rot

In my despair
I suddenly see
A contrast of color
In the brown

Could it be
My little wonders
Emerging from
The ground?

One, Two, Three
Say hello to me
The last
Whispers hi

Dill and Thyme
Next in line
Cilantro, though
Parsley is shy

Here they come
One by one
I am a mother
Of sprouts

Uncurling their leaves
Up on their feet
Long and stout

My little wonders
How wonderful you are
Soaking in the light
Of the day

I must say you look
You have come
Such a long way

July, you came alive
By October, you thrive
You’ve matured
Into a lively bunch

Now, my little wonders
I think it’s time
That I invite you
To lunch

Till the next chapter,

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