My Very Public, Private Book

My Very Public, Private Book

Water and Oil

Water and Oil

Like water and oil
The differences are apparent
Morning’s gentle rain
Sea’s violent torrent

Corruption and illusion
An explosion in the distance
Unearth this forbidden fusion
Hear the cries of resistance

The lover and the fighter
The fawn and the foe
You will pay to ferry away
Everything you know

A disease is contagious
Running miles downhill
Take cover, be aware
Compromise can kill

Don’t cover your senses, child
Stay alert and on guard
Your spirit cannot be captured
Nor can it be marred

Come back, come back
To the place of origin
Before the temptation
Before the forbidden

Come back, come back
Before the aftermath
Will you choose
The narrow path?

Do all in secret
Abide in the master
Walk into the center
Of chaos and disaster

Flicker little light
Fight until the end
You cannot hide now
It is time to ascend

Up the hill we go
Resist the invisible
Threaten pain with truth
Freedom is attainable

Fire, become fire
Burn bright and long
The sun is rising now
The earth breathes her song

The shadow has entered its cage
Wake the sleepers from the ground
Rise, O Slain Warriors
The lost people have been found

Soldiers near and far
We know your name
Love isn’t indifferent
Thus guardians we became

Time, times and half a time
Corruption may have its way
But look ahead and you will see
Forever is a day

Warriors, fight well
Creators, do not give in
People of the resistance
Let the war begin

Till the next chapter,

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