My Very Public, Private Book

My Very Public, Private Book

My Little Wonders

My little wonders
How I wonder
How lovely you’ll be
When you grow

Tiny seeds
Tucked lovingly
In systematic

I anticipate
As I wait
You will come
In July

In my slumber
Dreams of green
Reaching to the

Though inside
With sunlight
You will surely come

Where are you
Little wonders?
I wonder
By the end of June

Are you hiding?
Are you coming?
You will have your
Very own pot

Did I water too much?
Maybe too little?
Impossible to have
Root rot

In my despair
I suddenly see
A contrast of color
In the brown

Could it be
My little wonders
Emerging from
The ground?

One, Two, Three
Say hello to me
The last
Whispers hi

Dill and Thyme
Next in line
Cilantro, though
Parsley is shy

Here they come
One by one
I am a mother
Of sprouts

Uncurling their leaves
Up on their feet
Long and stout

My little wonders
How wonderful you are
Soaking in the light
Of the day

I must say you look
You have come
Such a long way

July, you came alive
By October, you thrive
You’ve matured
Into a lively bunch

Now, my little wonders
I think it’s time
That I invite you
To lunch

Till the next chapter,

You and Me

Lord, where are you?

I am here.

Lord, I’m scared.

Have no fear.

Lord, show me.

You will see.

Lord, help me.

Ask and receive.

Lord, I need you.

I’m all you need.

Lord, my faith is as small as a mustard seed.

Beloved, just trust Me and believe.

Lord, I thank you for being with me.

Beloved, where else would I be?

Lord, I love you.

I love you more.

Till the next chapter,


I miss smiles
pearly white
missing teeth
shining bright
big gap
little gap

I miss shaking hands
hand shakes

I miss being close
invading my bubble
less than two feet
can hear me whisper
can hear you breathe
kind of close

I miss hugs
the bear
the polite
kissing cheeks
the lingering
the way too tight
squeezing with all your might
the side ones
the intimate
the London Bridge
the super quick
and all the other awkward

I miss classrooms
small talk
pencils falling
ruffling papers
running to class
being together
in a classroom

I miss traveling
meeting people while

I used to miss
discovering new places
together on bikes
reading books
to pass the time
game nights
staying in
connecting with
old friends
tea with grandma
time with mom
writing poetry
writing songs
reflecting on life
passing like mist
these are things
I no longer miss
while we fight for


What I miss now
Time will change
What I missed then
May it remain

Seek the beauty
And you will find
Even in these
Trying times

We will rise
We will sing
Above the chaos of

Till the next chapter,

It’s Just Another Day

It’s just another day
I say to me
Then why does my heart
Flutter expectantly

I woke up the same
As I normally do
I am as I was
Nothing new

Hair still curly
Eyes still brown
Still a teacher of
Verbs and nouns

Full of dreams
Head in the clouds
On the piano, creating
Whimsical sounds

For most it’s just a day
Another one in the year
I said the same yesterday
Until it was here

Now I’m little excited
A little full of glee
I’m another year older
Happy birthday to me

October 12, 2020

Till the next chapter,


Stay up late
When’s the last time I ate?

No time for friends
Social life ends
Where are all of my pens?

Sleep deprived
Barely alive
Ready for break at Week Five

Ten-page essay
Due by 11:59


Group projects
Unread texts
Professor, don’t call on me next.


Tuition, bills
Supplement pills
No more time to kill

Hours are hoarded
Seconds are sorted
This Zoom class is being recorded?

All are afraid
As “The Midterm” invades
When will you post the grades?

One day.

Professors, enthused
Classmates, confused
When’s the next project due?

Next week.

School of the weary
And the extraordinary

Knowledge abounds
Teaching astounds
Yet we hear the sound

of crying.

Waves of stress
Hair is a mess
Trying to remember I’m blessed

Somewhere in the midst
Of academic abyss
I hear: You got this.

As classes conclude
Time resumes
And I pray, I too

shall pass.

Till the next chapter,

Just a Little Step

Just a little step
Little one
Little two

Everywhere you’ve been
You’ve had me
I’ve had you

Into the unknown
A step here
A step there

I’ll be there till the end
You have me
I have you

Till the next chapter,

The World Can Wait

The world can wait
Until I’m awake
Have opened my eyes
Forgotten my dreams

The world can wait
While I open the shades
See the sky is grey
Sit and watch the rain

The world can wait
Until I’ve sipped my tea
A drink of some serenity
Before I seize the day

The world can wait
Until I meditate
Take a spiritual breath
And have prayed
For strength

The world can wait
While I tarry
Finding sweet silence
Something extraordinary

“The world can wait,”
I quietly say
As I slow my pace
To write this poem

Yet the world has stayed
Loud as ever
I discover
As I turn on my phone

Till the next chapter,

Just For A Moment

Just for a moment

In an inhale and exhale
There is nothing more
To see or perceive
Nor My-God-I-can’t-believe

Just for a moment

The world has stopped
Pushed pause
No chaos
Just us

Just for a moment

Air is clear
No more fear
We can cheer
As we all stand

Just for a moment

Then I blink

Hard to think
To find us here
Seeking an end
Trying to begin

Just for a moment 
We are all free

Till the next chapter,

If we seek, we will find.

We see the weeds, overgrown, tangled in a web of its own devising, and miss what is beyond. Through the thicket and over the dry patches, a land of promise is found. A piece of green goodness in the midst of it all.

A place of hope.

It’s only seen from a window-like opening in the brush, easily missed in the forest’s nest. Yet, it remains there is a world beyond what we see or know,

unveiled to the seekers,

known by the believers.

Perhaps if we seek, we will find.

Till the next chapter,

Water and Oil

Like water and oil
The differences are apparent
Morning’s gentle rain
Sea’s violent torrent

Corruption and illusion
An explosion in the distance
Unearth this forbidden fusion
Hear the cries of resistance

The lover and the fighter
The fawn and the foe
You will pay to ferry away
Everything you know

A disease is contagious
Running miles downhill
Take cover, be aware
Compromise can kill

Don’t cover your senses, child
Stay alert and on guard
Your spirit cannot be captured
Nor can it be marred

Come back, come back
To the place of origin
Before the temptation
Before the forbidden

Come back, come back
Before the aftermath
Will you choose
The narrow path?

Do all in secret
Abide in the master
Walk into the center
Of chaos and disaster

Flicker little light
Fight until the end
You cannot hide now
It is time to ascend

Up the hill we go
Resist the invisible
Threaten pain with truth
Freedom is attainable

Fire, become fire
Burn bright and long
The sun is rising now
The earth breathes her song

The shadow has entered its cage
Wake the sleepers from the ground
Rise, O Slain Warriors
The lost people have been found

Soldiers near and far
We know your name
Love isn’t indifferent
Thus guardians we became

Time, times and half a time
Corruption may have its way
But look ahead and you will see
Forever is a day

Warriors, fight well
Creators, do not give in
People of the resistance
Let the war begin

Till the next chapter,